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[ Bringin’ Back Cardboard Straws ]

I’m not trying to give these guys a free mention, but they’ve earned it with their 99% Plastic Free Policy.

One of my favorite (chain) restaurants is Ted’s Montana Grill.  Cardboard straws is just the start of their very Earth-responsible approach to consistently delicious dining.

Read on and do like they do.

Ted’s Montana Grill has a deep commitment to the environment and our goal is to be 99% plastic-free.  That’s why we re-introduced the paper straw, (not produced in the United States since 1970) and use it in all of our restaurants.  Menus are printed on 100% recycled paper.  Our to-go cups are made of cornstarch that bio-degrades in landfills in just 50 days.  Soft drinks are served in recyclable glass bottles.  Our take-away food is placed in Bio-Plus Earth Containers, which are high-quality, bio-degradable containers that are microwavable.  These containers have been endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.  In addition to maintaining a 99% plastic-free restaurant, we also try to conserve energy and water.  In Tallahassee, Fla., we worked with the city’s Energy Services division and One World Sustainable Inc. to install 66 solar panels on the top of our restaurant.  And we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our energy consumption like wind generators as well as low voltage lighting in all of our restaurants.  Many of the restaurants feature water-efficient toilets in order to help conserve water.

Will all of this change the world? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s the right thing to do.


[ Hey, nice sponge! ]

Metallic ‘Sponge’ Absorbs Carbon Dioxide To Combat Global Warming

Metallic ‘Sponge’ Absorbs Carbon Dioxide To Combat Global Warming

Scientists have created a lattice-like structure that can soak up CO2.

By Yi Chen on June 18, 2012. @yiiee
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A collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the University of Newcastle, has resulted in a metal organic framework that is able to absorb CO2. The lab-made material is referred to as NOTT-202a and can be arranged in a lattice-like structure. It works like a sponge that can hold carbon dioxide, but other gases like nitrogen, methane and hydrogen can pass through.

The study was funded by ERC Advanced Grant COORDSPACE and by an EPSRC Programme Grant ChemEnSus. The project aims to find innovative solutions for environmental and chemical sustainability issues.

University of Nottingham


[ Black Pepper= NO Ants ]

Black Pepper

Get Rid of Ants Naturally Black Pepper

Back in the day, when I was an earth hater.. ok not really.  When I was a raging

mouthbreather who didn’t care about anything except my instant gratification…If there

was a problem and I could fix it by spraying chemicals at it, that’s what

I would choose.  This is the time of year that ants swarm, get into the cracks

of my house, and put me in a bad mood.  My initial reaction is to go all

Raid Crazy because I want the ants to die instantly.  I’m done with that.

Black Pepper:  it’s natural, doesn’t destroy the Earth and smells better than

poison.  Good thing is… it’s poison to the ants.  It’s working this week for me; try it!

Just make sure you save some for your grilled/BBQ’d whatever.


[ Steal this iPhone compost ]

I did.  read the genius idea below.  Hoping we can do this more often with plastic.

The iPhone case you can just throw away


(Image: Jaymi Heimbuch)
Sticking With What You Got can be tricky when you are trying to keep up with the latest fads.
However, if you are going to buy something new, how good does a product that disappears back into dirt once you’re finished with it sound?
Well, if you want to buy a new case for your iPhone (4 or 4s) then you can buy a BioCase and do just that. The cases are made from a new type of bio resin that is the world’s first certified compostable elastomer. It is made from organic materials meaning it has a light carbon footprint in production and can decompose back into organic material.
It decomposes pretty quickly too. If you toss it in your compost heap, after 12 months only dirt will remain.

(Image: Jaymi Heimbuch)
Green Dot are the company behind this plastic and it seems like a pretty great solution to the throw away culture that has evolved.
With billions of mobiles are out there, it’s good to know that you can protect your phone with something that will break down once the newest craze comes along.
However, following fashion isn’t all its cracked up to be, so Stick With What You Got and Buy Nothing. The planet will thank you for it, we promise!


[ Always short on time?! ]

Me too.  My schedule is weird.  I’m aware that my situation is not special, and the rest of the world is working split shifts, double shifts, and running out the door in a frantic race to chase the dollar or….. whatever we’re desperately trying to jam into our schedule.But from this worldly, self-imposed, time-mismanaged schedule… I’ve learned the earth-friendly art of 3 minute showers. Yes, I can get clean in 3 minutes.  And unless you just crawled out of a pile of raw sewage, I think you can too.

Do I wanna linger in the warm, sleep-inducing steam fog of a long delicious shower? Yep.  But so does everybody else.   And I can’t stand being lumped in with the masses.  Not just because they like horrible pop bands like Nickelback, but we can be different while saving the earth tons of water.  And think of all the time you’ll get back.  ( we still have that hour we just lost for Daylight Saving Time to regain;)  )


[ Movie with a Message: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss ]



With lead stars Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, you might think that the Lorax is just for kids.  But The Wilderness Society supporter Betty White also lends her voice to Grammy Norma, continuing her commitment to conservation for future generations.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

These are the worlds the Once-Ler, one of the main characters from Universal Pictures new movie, The Lorax. Based upon Dr. Seuss’ classic book of the same name, the movie follows a young boy, Ted, as he sets out from his artificial town to find a real living tree. Ted eventually meets the Once-Ler, a recluse who tells how he met the Lorax, the guardian of the forest, and how the magnificent Truffula trees were all chopped down.

Produced in part with the US Forest Service’s Discover the Forest campaign, the film simply explains the environmental conservation using bright colors and vibrant images.  The Truffula forests are alive with birds, fish, swans, and bears. By contrast, the wastelands where the Truffula trees once stood are stark, barren landscapes.  The Lorax uses these to show how one person, no matter how small, can have in order to make a difference for our environment.


The Lorax, in movie form and the original book, carries a message for for children and their parents alike. It inspires hope in the future and in doing so shows us that it’s up to us, and our children, to protect the earth we live on.

As the Once-ler says, “Truffula trees are what everyone needs…Plant a new tree, treat it with care.  Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air.”

Discover the Forest: www.discovertheforest.org

Official Lorax Movie site